Trash: My Landfill Waste Audit for This Week

These days, our trash is hardly existent. But, every week or few days, I like to look at it before I throw it down the trash chute of my 6th floor apartment.

Fortunately, my trash is getting to the point where my vermicompost (coming soon) will be able to take care of some of it. The main reason I haven’t started my vermicompost yet is because I don’t want to buy any plastic containers in order to make it. Instead, I’m gathering large stack-able cat litter buckets each time I go to the recycling center 😀

I’m currently using 2 of those types of buckets for my recycling…which I am not auditing today because I cleaned out a box of paperwork and have an unusually large amount of things to recycle. I need (probably) two more sturdy cat litter buckets, and then Gabe is going to help me assemble a home for my worms 🙂


20190309_074356 (1)

Here is a look at our trash bag. Gabe and I have a small round wire trashcan, but we usually just use paper grocery bags instead of our leftover plastic ones…and the paper ones don’t fit well into the wire trash can.

About every 5 or 7 days, we have this much trash to throw away. Once packed down, you can see how little we really have. I think this bag weighs about 2lbs.


A note before I begin:

I did not include the 2.5 gallon spring water jugs that we buy weekly. They are recyclable, but I don’t recycle them because I don’t have anything big enough to store them in. Hopefully that will change soon though. For now, we send one down the chute every 3 days or so.

So…let’s dive in! 😀




Kirk’s Castile Soap wrapper 

Could have been avoided if I had picked up the individually packaged ones the last time I was at a store that sold them. Unfortunately, my Dillon’s only sells them in 3 packs :/ Thankfully, each soap bar is wrapped in paper, so at least I can recycle that part.


BBQ sauce bottle

Gabe’s. I can’t recycle it because our recycling center doesn’t currently have a buyer for (1) PET plastic. I do make homemade ketchup regularly though, so that is one less (1) PET bottle in the landfill every month 🙂


Valentine’s Day Flowers

Baby’s Breath and a rose 🙂 I kept them hydrated in a vase until today, but the petals were falling off. I wish that I could’ve composted them, but oh well… next year!


Banana Peels (2)

Again…wishing I could compost them, but that will come soon.


Cheese Wrapper 

Gabe’s. I’m okay with it though because he is doing so wonderfully eating vegan about 70% of the time now 🙂 He has cut his cheese consumption monthly by 75%. He used to buy 2 blocks of cheese per week, and now only buys 1 every other week.


Bag from frozen blueberries (not recyclable)

I don’t know how to avoid this one. I love blueberry smoothies and it is pretty much the only way I get my fruit. The farmer’s market berries are packaged in plastic as well, so this might be a lost battle.


Can of tuna (2)

Gabe’s. I didn’t catch him before he put them in the trash, but they could be recycled as they were steel cans.


44 price stickers 

…that I peeled off some clearance items that I bought. I really like to buy clearance items and keep them out of the dumpster. I buy clearance spices and supplements, blemished fruit, discontinued plates (if I need any), and every almost-expired veggie burger that I can find.


Tin foil peel-off lid

From my Silk Soy yogurt tub. Thankfully, the tub is (5) plastic, so it will definitely be recycled.



In addition to teaching for a living, I also love to crochet and sew. I’m new to selling on Etsy, but I have written a pattern for a great pair of crochet socks. I hope you’ll check it out! 🙂


thumbnail (5)
Market Street Ankle Sock – Crochet Pattern


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